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The Benchmark Project

Have you ever wondered how your building compares to similar facilities? Most importantly, is there an opportunity for you to save money by operating your facility more efficiently?

These are the questions we ask ourselves on a daily basis. Our business is managing buildings. We know how buildings are designed, built, owned and managed. In fact, we currently provide management and maintenance services for more than 14 million SF of buildings. As part of our services to our clients, we are developing a database for building operating costs that our clients can use as a benchmark to determine if their facilities are operating efficiently.

That is why we want to make this special offer.We want everyone to have the best information. We would like to collect as much information as possible about how buildings in the Greater Cincinnati region are performing. But we need your help. If you will provide us with the necessary information, we will tell you how your building compares to others in our database. Naturally, the more information that is available, the more valuable that information becomes.

This service is offered at no cost or obligation. Our goal is simply to gather information so that we can help our clients operate their buildings as efficiently as possible.

We hope you will consider participating. The more information we receive, the more beneficial the information will be to everyone that participates. Naturally, any information that we receive on individual buildings will remain confidential. Only the summary of the results will be made available.

To participate in the Benchmarking Program, please complete and submit your information and we will forward our Benchmarking Questionnaire. Please feel free to contact Building Management Partners at 859-344-5200 with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.



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