Ramsey’s Trailside

Our team has been renovating Ramsey’s Trailside, a property in Loveland, Ohio, into a restaurant and bar. They have been adding some modern touches, while still incorporating some of the historic architecture and finishes. BMP first had to complete the demolition of some areas of the structure that were damaged from a building fire in the upper floor. Once the demolition was complete BMP began to repair the structural integrity of the building. The repairs included a full interior renovation. Some of the unique features of this project have been repurposing wood into the main bar area, and installing overhead doors to have large windows and walkways to the exterior. Another eye-catching renovation was the roof-top bar area that can be seen from the Loveland Bike Trail, a tranquil path through historic downtown Loveland. This project has now progressed into the last stages of laying flooring, installing equipment, and installing all finishes. We have an estimated completion in November.