Grant’s Lick Veterinary Clinic

A popular veterinary hospital in Grants Lick, Kentucky was in need of a new facility. This project was BMP’s largest undertaking and came to a close this fall.

This was BMP’s first ground-up project. We were able to use our in-house project staff to design this building with features unique to the customers’ needs and specifications. The groundbreaking of this property occurred late last year. We then were able to use our trusted subcontractors and our own team to make these designs a reality.

A unique aspect of this project was the initial design because BMP had not previously designed a building specific to the veterinary field. Our staff consulted many times with the owners to make sure that the facility would be practical for their staff.

This location has two buildings on site. The first building to be completed and opened was the “Grants Lick Bed and Biscuits” which is the overnight kennel for pets to stay when families are on vacation or in need of pet lodging. The main facility for medical procedures and appointments has just been completed and opened for business as of October 23rd.