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About Us

About BMP

Building Management Partners, LLC is wholly owned by the Paul Hemmer Company. BMP is located in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and performs services in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana. As the company's name suggests, we are a partner... a business partner for managing, maintaining, and improving our clients' real estate assets. By partnering with BMP, our clients are able to focus on the operations of their own business and leave the upkeep of their property to professionals that understand what it takes for a facility to function as desired by its owners and tenants. Our Team provides a variety of services through two divisions within the company: Building Services and Capital Services. With over 30 years of experience and expertise gained by providing facility management services to company owned properties, Hemmer began offering these services to external clients as a profit center for more than a decade ago. In order to further grow the business and increase the external client base, Hemmer chose to make BMP a stand-alone entity.


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Building Services

The building services division is responsible for maintenance and repair activities associated with our clients' properties, both buildings and grounds. BMP can coordinate all necessary activities as a one-stop shop. BMP provides technicians on a routine basis for basic preventative maintenance and property inspections to identify any potential issues. On call and emergency services are also provided as a solution to clients looking for a more flexible maintenance option on an as needed basis.


Building ServicesWhen specialized skills are required or a cost effective solution can't be provided by internal personnel, BMP subcontracts the work to qualified professionals. BMP will handle all contact administration and provide the needed management services for both annual service contracts and one-time work orders with these third party vendors. Building Services also provides analysis services including building condition assessments, and capital budgeting. The close relationship of BMP maintains with these "preferred vendors" ensures prompt service and a more cost effective solution that the client handling the contractors directly. Maintenance and repair services that are typically subcontracted include electrical, plumbing, elevator, HVAC, roofing, window cleaning, janitorial, pavement, and painting. Lawn care, landscaping, and snow removal are management and performed by Creative Image, BMP's partner.

Capital Services

The capital services division performs capital improvement projects for our clients; properties. These projects include tenant fit-out, remodels, renovations, additions, and replacement of existing components (such as roofs, HVAC systems, parking lots, etc.) and major landscaping projects.

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