The Facilitator November 2022

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” 
– Alexander Graham Bell

Project Feature: Watertower Square Roof Replacement

Built in the mid 1800s, the iconic Watertower Square office building in Newport, Kentucky, has seen it all.  And so has the roof.

Totaling 17,500 square feet, the roof was experiencing a lot of leak issues. The fastening system was failing causing large humps on the roof surface. Building Management Partners began replacement work in early 2022, and finished the job by the spring.

Building Management Partners provided Budgeting, Planning & Assessments, Construction & Renovation, and Facility Maintenance services for Watertower Ltd. of Newport, Kentucky. Learn more about this project here!


Caring for buildings near you! Headquarters in Northern Kentucky and serving regional markets:


Building Management Partners serves company-owned properties in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.

What started as a subsidiary of the Paul Hemmer Company over a decade ago, BMP has grown into its own entity with a wide-reaching customer base and offers a variety of services through three divisions: Building Services, Capital Services, and HVAC and Refrigeration Services.


Service Feature: Winterizing Your Facility

During the colder months your HVAC, lighting, roof, and concrete are prone to unexpected issues. Your furnace hasn’t been used in months and is expected to run as normal. Lighting is left on longer as daylight decreases. Alligator cracks begin to appear in parking lots. These are just a few of the issues that can be curtailed with preventive maintenance. 

Building Management Partners is here to help! Our experts in Facility Maintenance will inspect your building’s systems and make repairs to prevent costly downtime and damage. And we also offer Emergency Repair when you need help fast and Landscaping and Snow Removal


Team Spotlight: Frank Mosqueda

Frank Mosqueda, Account Manager, has been with PHC & BMP for over 21 years!

In his position(s) as Service Tech and Account Manager, Frank enjoys the flexibility to seek out new business, meet new people and make relationships, and the challenge of handling emergencies when they occur.

Outside of work, Frank is a big baseball and Bengals fan. He loves working in the yard, traveling, and spending time with his Grandkids and friends.


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