Aronoff Center Circulating Pump Overhaul


Historic Aronoff Center for the Arts, located in downtown Cincinnati, OH, was experiencing leaking from decades old circulating pumps into adjoining rooms and spaces.  After assessing the condition of existing units, BMP was hired to replace all internal components to extend the life and efficiency of the pumps.

The job included complete overhauls to 6 pumps on site, each dating back to 1994.  Each overhaul included the following:

  •  Field replacement of motor bearings & pump couplings
  • New fluid filled pressure gauges
  • Opening of split casing pump & removal of existing components
  • Sanding of all housings to remove old gasket material, and insure proper seal
  • Replacement of all rotating components (Shaft, bearings, impeller, shaft sleeves)
  • Replacement of all gaskets/seals (Shoulder rings/wear rings/oil & water seals/o-rings/casing gasket)
  • Check for proper alignment & tolerances
  • Reassembly of pump casing, and leak test
  • Precision laser alignment of pump/motor shafts
  • Start-up and verification of proper operation
  • Re-insulation of pump housings, as necessary to prevent sweating

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