The Facilitator November 2023


“Winter is a season of recovery and preparation”
– Paul Theroux

Project Feature: Mane Inc. Water Damage Cleanup


As the pipe freezing season approaches, facilities managers must be prepared for potential challenges. This project feature highlights the importance of proactive measures to prevent and address pipe-related issues.

On December 26, 2022, at 4 am, a Building Management Partners (BMP) manager received a distressing call. Mane Inc. reported a broken pipe in a lab area, caused by a frozen filter, resulting in a flood that had started at 9:30 pm on December 25th and went unnoticed until around 3 am the following day. This incident led to the release of an estimated 3000-4000 gallons of water!

BMP acted swiftly, arriving on-site at 5:00 am to halt the water flow and take control of the situation. They coordinated a team to address the aftermath. By mid-morning, the team was actively engaged in water extraction and the removal of damaged ceiling and walls.

The following day, the damaged ceiling tiles and drywall were replaced.

Building Management Partners provided Construction & RenovationFacility Maintenance, and Budgeting, Planning, and Assessments services for Mane Inc., in Lebanon, Ohio. 

Learn more about this project here!


Service Feature: Budgeting, Planning, and Assessments

BMP Building Plan

As the year draws to a close, are you preparing for the challenges and opportunities that 2024 will bring? Our team is poised to assist you in this critical planning phase, offering a comprehensive range of services that encompass building assessments, capital improvement planning, and annual facility budgeting and cost estimates.

Whether you are contemplating constructing new facilities, expanding existing ones, or renovating your current spaces, the process can be complex, requiring meticulous consideration both before, during, and after construction. With over 100 years of industry experience, BMP is ready to lend our expertise. If you have questions, concerns, or simply seek guidance, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are eager to be your partner in ensuring the success of your next project.

Our services encompass:

  • Building assessments
  • Capital improvement planning
  • Annual facility budgets and cost estimates

Count on us as you embark on your journey into 2024, where your plans and projects become a reality with our dedicated support.​​​​​​
Learn more about our Budgeting, planning, and assessments services here. 


Providing Building Maintenance and More in Your Community

Building Management Partners attends to corporate properties within Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.

Originating as a subsidiary under the Paul Hemmer Company more than a decade ago, BMP has evolved into an independent entity, boasting an expansive clientele. Our services span three divisions: Building ServicesCapital Services, and HVAC and Refrigeration Services.


Career Opportunities


Do you know someone who is looking to join a dynamic and diverse team of industry leaders? We offer hands-on training and fantastic benefits. Building Management Partners, LLC (BMP) is a subsidiary of  Paul Hemmer Company. BMP is located in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and performs services in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.

We have openings for various positions and skill levels. Click here to see our current list of openings and share with your network! 

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